Skill set to run R-sw

In order to perform the various analyses available within R-sw platform, the user will need basic familiarity with data processing and analytical scripting. Usually, our customers develop the necessary skills within a few hours.

Our customers are mostly Marketing Science, Analytics, Advanced Methods, Data Processing teams of middle and large corporations and usually the final user is a an associate director, a VP, a methodologist, a statistician, a researcher, or a data scientist / data consultant.

All R-sw modules come with full working examples to help the User to become familiar with the package. These examples can be easily adapted by the user for new projects.

Should your organisation not have the required programming skills (for preparing the simple script – nothing really hard) or the resources/ time to perform the analysis, Demia can provide support at a very competitive price.

Requirements for R-sw

  • a minimum of 2 GHz processor and 4 GB of RAM are recommended, especially for complex analysis (e.g., hierarchical Bayesian models);
  • Microsoft Windows (e.g., Win 10 / Win 7);
  • Microsoft Office Excel (e.g., 365, 2013) is required:
  • some packages available from the Internet – full details are provided in the installation guide(s) or upon request.

Requirements for MapHelp

  • Microsoft Windows (e.g., Win 10 / Win 7);
  • Microsoft Office Excel (e.g., 365, 2013).

For further information, please email Demia: