Key Driver Analysis

For all organisations, in order to maximise performance, revenue, and profitability, it is critical to identify and measure the drivers of key business outcomes, such as employee satisfaction, customer loyalty, retention, or satisfaction.

Identifying key drivers means understanding what aspects of the organisation’s offer (specific to a brand or elements of corporate reputation) have the largest impact on the business outcomes.

Typically, the required data is collected via a quantitative market research survey administered to current or potential customers.

There are several ways to estimate the drivers and these differ based on:

  • the questionnaire structure: number / type / phrasing of questions, their scales, etc.
  • the approach used to estimate the drivers.

A key drivers analysis deeply explores and measures the relationships between a set of attributes associated with a brand or a service/ product and customer behavior such as overall satisfaction, likelihood to recommend, or likelihood to purchase.

Key Driver Analysis is one of the key areas of expertise of Demia with years of experience spent on brand equity, corporate reputation and both customer and employee satisfaction projects.

Demia has also developed a number of innovative questionnaire frameworks and offers innovative algorithms within the package R-sw Drivers that allow obtaining the most out of a driver survey, with significant returns for customers.