The R-sw Allocation Tool

R-sw Discriminant is distributed with an allocation tool that enables the user to predict the most likely segment a record / respondent belongs to.

Examples of usage:

  • a qualitative moderator who needs to assign respondents to the correct segment
  • a medical representative who needs to assign a physician to the correct segment in order to adopt the most appropriate messages
  • a researcher who needs to quickly classify a large number of survey respondents to the correct segment

The simulator has been developed in MS Excel 2010 and it is compatible also with most other Excel versions, although some features might not fully work with an older version of Excel.


Easy-to-Change Allocation Tools

  • The tool is password protected, but the R-sw Discriminant licensed user will receive the password to fully unlock it so that all the necessary modifications can be made to adapt it to a new segmentation project.
  • Being Excel-based, the R-sw Discriminant Allocation Tool can easily be adapted for a new research project. An allocation tool can be finalized for your team or your final client in as little as 15 minutes!
  • Changes can be made very quickly thanks to a library of predefined questions, including various rating scales and numeric variables.
  • The user can easily change the help page by adding screenshots and by changing the explanatory notes to reflect the specificities of the research project.

Detailed instructions on how to use the R-sw Allocation Tool are sent with the tool. If you need another copy, please get in touch with us