Consulting & Support

Support to licensed users

We provide free consulting (within reasonably limits) to all licensed users of R-sw or MapHelp, a service especially useful in the beginning and for unusual project issues. This also means we can write a number of scripts free of charge.

Support to unlicensed users

We appreciate that purchasing a license for one ore more R-sw modules might not be economical, for instance if you belong to a small organisation or if you conduct few projects requiring a specific methodology.

For a fraction of the cost of the software, we can support you on specific projects (helping with the questionnaire, preparing the script, running the analysis, providing the results along with all input and output files). Obviously, we would provide information on how to collect the data in the most appropriate format (questionnaire). Raw data should ideally be delivered to us in Excel or SPSS, but ASCII/TEXT might also be acceptable. Usually, there is no confidentiality issue as the figures in the data file do not have to be described by full labels that might identify the research project, the client, the brands, or anything else.
  • the cost for our support depends on the project requirements (starting from as little as 600 EUR for a driver or a pricing analysis on multiple segments);
  • we deliver the results as well as all data files and R-sw scripts;
  • our turnaround times are the fastest in the industry; for some analyses (e.g., drivers, pricing) we provide the deliverables within 1 working day.
 For further information, please email Demia: