How to Use MapHelp

In order to use MapHelp, first the User needs to obtain the coordinates of the elements to be charted – these are usually based on:

  • importance scores for a battery of statements and/or
  • performance scores of a set of products / brands on a battery of statements.

These variables are usually processed throught a statistical algorithm such as correspondence, discriminant or factorial analysis which provides:

  • coordinates for each statement or
  • coordinate for each statement and for each product / brand.

MapHelp allows the User to plot, edit, adjust and modify the maps / charts within the Excel environment. In particular, the User is able to:

  • translate (shift) the coordinates of one or more sets of elements;
  • change the scale of the coordinates of one or more sets of elements;
  • associate labels to the elements and move them around;
  • plot the elements on a standard cartesian coordinate system or on the unit circle system;
  • rotate the elements;
  • plot the elements as points or as bubbles (e.g., to show a third dimension, such as importance, value, etc);
  • manipulate the color of the plotted elements,

Maps can be easily exported as images to be conveniently included in a presentation or report. The User can also save the maps in a native MapHelp format for later amendments.