Simulating the Market

  • TURF simulators are not a nice-to-have feature, they are a must for any TURF study. They go beyond what analysis of individual items / messages can tell and provide a far more comprehensive picture.
  • TURF simulators are an essential tool to assess how respondents are exposed to various items / messages and to assess to which extent the items are mutually exclusively or whether there is an large overlap among them.
  • These simulators allow running ‘Reach’ analyses and the main output shows the best combinations of messages, i.e., the combinations that would allow reaching the largest possible number of customers. Typically, a customer is considered to be reached by a given set of messages if he or she is exposed to at least one of the messages in the set.
  • Simulators results have immediate impact for the management because of their actionability.


Key Metrics in TURF Analysis

  • Individual Reach: each individual Reach score represents the percentage of respondents exposed to the item.
  • Appeal: this is the sum of the individual Reach scores of the items in a combination. It gives an idea of the attractiveness of the combination by ignoring the overlap in exposure among items included in the same combination.
  • Total Reach for a combination: it represents the percentage of respondents exposed to at least one of the items in the combination. It therefore considers the overlap among items in the same combination.
  • Marginal Reach: it represents the amount of respondents (expressed as a percentage of the total sample) exposed to an item but not exposed to the items ahead in the list within a combination. The sum of all marginal Reach scores for the items in a combination is the Total Reach for the same combination.

R-sw Discriminant is a R-sw module specifically developed for TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) analysis.

Moreover,  R-sw Discriminant is the only commercial software that comes with a fully-customizable Excel simulator for TURF models, allowing TURF analysis through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.