R-sw Conjoint Simulators

R-sw Conjoint is distributed with three simulators:

  • Type A Simulator: appropriate to model multiple varying product profiles (such as in choice-based, rank-based conjoint, or adaptive conjoint);
  • Type B Simulator: appropriate to model a small number of varying product profiles in the context of the existing market structure (such as in allocation-based conjoint).
  • Type C Simulator: appropriate to model a varying product profile in choice-based conjoint along with a Fixed product profile.

Simulators have been developed in MS Excel 2010 and they are compatible also with most other Excel versions, although some features might not fully work with an older version of Excel.

Easy-to-Change Simulators

  • R-sw Conjoint simulators are password protected, but the R-sw Conjoint licensed user will receive the password to fully unlock them so that all the necessary modifications can be made to adapt them to new conjoint projects.
  • Being Excel-based, R-sw Conjoint simulators can easily be adapted for a new research project. A simulator can be finalized for your team or your final client in as little as 30 minutes!
  • Graphical changes can be made very quickly to all worksheets thanks to a number of ready-to-use macros. In this way the user can easily change the buttons’ color and dimensions, the background color, the font type and size, etc. without tedious manual intervention. This is particularly convenient if you would like to adopt your client brand’s colors throughout the simulator.
  • The user can easily change the help pages by adding screenshots and by changing the explanatory notes to reflect the specificities of the research project.

Detailed instructions on how to use the simulators are sent with the tool. If you need another copy, please get in touch with us software@demia.it