Technical Features of R-sw Discriminant (Weighting)

What does R-sw Discriminant do?

  • it computes RIM weights;
  • it allows weighting based on product shares;
  • it provides a detailed summary report on the weighting process which includes statistics such as design effect, weighting efficiency, and RMSE index.


  • population distributions are easily specified and the total of each variable is automatically rescaled to 1.0 if required (RIM weighting);
  • population shares are easily specified and the sample shares across the weighting variables do not have to add up to 100% (Share weighting);
  • the user can specify restrictions for the weights to avoid very large or very small weights;
  • categories of RIM weighting variables can be weighted down to zero if required;
  • the share of a weighting variable can be weighted down to zero if required;
  • base weights (pre-weights) can be used to initiate the RIM algorithm so that they are accounted for before RIM weighting is performed;
  • it is possible to modify the default number of iterations and the convergence criterion (improvement in the RMSE) of the RIM weighting algorithm;
  • data can be easily imported and outcomes can be exported as CSV/text files.

Support, Manual and Examples:

  • technical support and statistical consulting is available free of charge (within reasonable limits);
  • an ‘html’ manual is provided with a detailed description of all available functions;
  • full working examples are provided to help the User to become familiar with the package. These examples can be easily adapted by the User for new projects.

Note: this is a pure analysis tool, therefore data must be collected through an external source (such as a CAWI, CAPI or PAPI system).

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